Kuzmina, Evgeniya

Evgeniya Nikolaevna Kouzmina

Science federal state budgetary institution Institute of philology of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IFL SBRAS)

Russia, Novosibirsk



The Doctor of Philology, speciality 10.01.09 – folkloristics, defence took place 22.11.2005. Subject of dissertational research was «Heroic epos of the Siberian peoples: aspects of a bilingual edition and typology (on a series material «Monuments of folklore of the peoples of Siberia and the Far East». Professor.

Head of folklore sector of the Siberian peoples . Responsible secretary of a series "Monuments of folklore of the people of Siberia and Far East." The winner of the State award of Russian Federation in the field of a science and technology.


Research interests:

The folklore of the Siberian peoples, the heroic epos of the Siberian peoples, heroic legends (uliger) of Bouryat, interdisciplinary methods and research: folkloristics , ethnography, ethnomusicology.

Fieldwork research:

Collecting and folklore fixing from 1984 to 2002 on the Areas of Siberia and the Far East.

Book Series: Folklore Monuments, being in preparation.

Editor of the scientific apparatus of series volumes


Scientific works:
10 publications. Main monographs and articles from them:

1980 Female character's in the heroic epos of the Buryat people. Novosibirsk: Science. - 159 pages.

2005 Index of typical places of the heroic epos of the Siberian people (Altai, Buryat, Tuva, Khakases, Shors, Yakuts).-1383 pages.

1995 Transformation of the Old Indian myth in folklore of the Turkic-Mongolian people. «The humanities in Siberia»,№ 4. pp. 55-58.

2002 Structural-semantic features of alarsky uliger // «Peoples of the Baikal region: antiquity and modern time. - Novosibirsk, Arceological-Ethnographical Institute's publishing house of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. - pp. 64-71.

2005 Folklore text: a problem of complex coverage in modern scientific editions (on a series example «Monuments of folklore of the people of Siberia and the Far East») «Messenger of NSU. Series: history, philology». - Novosibirsk: NSU – v. 4, № 4: Philology. - pp.155-148.

2009 Ethnopoetic archetypes in the heroic epos of the Siberian people «Cultural and anthropological researches» №.1. - pp. 103-111.

2010 Siberian epos studies at a between the XX-XXI century//Poetics and tradition. - SPb. - pp. 188-303.

2012 Poetics of "loci communi" of uliger by P. Dmitriev. - Omsk. - pp. 30-36.


Presentation Topic: Seeing in Common: Functional Actions in Buriat-Mongolian Epic Tradition

Presentation topic: The Functional Role of “Loci Communi” in the Buryat Epic Literature