Huseynova, Almaz

Almaz Huseynova was born in 1959 inKhachmaz,Azerbaijan Republic.

She studiead at the faculty of philological studies of Baku State University.

Almaz Huseynovadefended thesis on “The epos issues in Azerbaijanian emigration folklor studies” in 2002 and is candidate of philological science since then.

She is a docent at the chair Azerbaijanian language and literature of Baku Girls University.

Almaz Huseynova is a participant of many international conferences. Her works have been published in USA, Sweden, Iran, Russia, Turkey, United Kingdom, Germany, Kazakhistan and other countries. Her researches are about Azerbaijanian emigration folklore and Turkology studies.

She is the member of Azerbaijanian Journalists Union.


Her books:

1. The epos issues in Azerbaijanian emigration folklore studies. Baku, Azarnashr publishing, 2002, 124 p.

2. Two eposes, Baku, Azarnashr publishing, 2006, 120 p.

3. Azerbaijanian ceremonies in emigration folklore studes. Baku: Azarnashr publishing, 2011, 156 p.

4. The ashuks in emigration folklore studies Baku: Azarnashr publishing, 2011, 156 p.

5. The research of folklore genres in emigration, Baku: “Science and education” publishing, 2012, 212 p.

Presentation topic: The traces of Chinese literary-historical sources in “Koroghlu” epos