Bamo, Qubumo

Born in the Great Cold Mountains, Sichuan, Bamo Qubumo (Bamo Aga Qubbumo) comes from Nuosu, a subgroup of the Yi. She received her M.A. in Tibetan-Burman Language and Literature from the Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (GSCASS) in 1988, obtained her Ph. D. in Folkloristics at Beijing Normal University in 2003. 

She is Senior Research Fellow and Director of Division of Literary Theory and Criticism, as well as Executive Director of Oral Traditions Research Center at Institute of Ethnic Literature (IEL), Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS).  She also acts as Deputy President of China Folklore Society (CFS), associate editor of the book series of "China Natioanl Chronicles of Traditional Festivals," editorial committee member of Ethnic Arts, Folklore Studies, and The Chinese Journal of Classical Studies (its headquarter is based in HongKong), as well as architect and managing director of China Ethnic Literature Network (CELN) and China Folklore Network (CFN). 

Concentrated on the tie between written and oral traditions of the Yi, she has conducted long-term target field study on various aspects of Bimo (priests or ritualists as a specific literate group) scripture culture and Yi oral narratives. She is the author of The Golden-Eagle Spirit and the Poetic Soul: A Study of Ancient Poetics Recorded in the Yi's Scriptures (2000), Spirit Picture and Ghost Board: A Survey of Incantation Epos and Ritualized Paintings in Nuosu Yi Area (2004), plus more than 90 articles. She is also the coauthor of The History of Yi Culture (1990), The General History of Chinese Literature (chapters of written literature of the Yi, the Dai, and the Naxi, 1997), and Mountain Patterns: The Survival of Nuosu Culture in China (Univeristy of Washington Press, 2000), editior-in-chief of China Encyclopedia: Sebsection of Ethnic Minority Literature (second edition, 2009) amongst other co-coperative publications and compilations. Her translation from Gregory Nagy’s Homeric Questions published in 2008. Her new book titled Verbal Dueling and Epic Performance  is in press, which is a revised edition of her dissertation and based on a target field study carried out in her hometown.

She recently as a presider has been working with IEL OTeam on the CASS-levle Project for designing, creating, and customizing a set of metadata standards specific to "Archives of China Ethnic Minorities' Oral Traditions," a cross-multimedia database whose construction is currently underway at the IEL of CASS.

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Doing field study: epic performance and the ritual for sending the dead's soul back to ancestors' realm (2002)


Presentation topic: Approaching through Being Presence: Epic Performance and Verbal Dueling in Nuosu Mountainous Villages