Bagheri, Mehri

Personal Information

Name: Bagheri

First name: Mehri

Nationality: Iranian


B.A. Persian Language &Literature

M.A. Linguistics & Old Iranian Languages

Ph.D. Religions &Mysticism


Full Professor of Linguistics , Folklore, Iranian Culture & Old Languages

Head of the Department of Culture & Old Iranian Languages

Chief Librarian of the Faculties of Letters and Humanities & Social Sciences

Head of Shahriyar Research Foundation



8 articles in English (published in U.K. ,India, Canada ,Germany and Taiwan)

1 article in Spanish (published in Madrid)

34 articles in Persian (published in Iran and Tajikestan)


1- Elements of Linguistics, Tabriz University Press , Tabriz, 1992 (from 5th to 18th edition : Tehran, Nashr e Qatre)

2- History of Persian Language, Payame Noor University Press, Tehran, 1994 ( Rep. to 17th edition: Tehran, Nashr e Qatre)

3- Iranian Pre-Islamic Religions, Tabriz University Press, 1996 ( rep. up to 8th edition , Tehran, Nashr e Qatre)

4- Historical Phonemics of Persian Language, Nashre Qatre, Tehran, 2001

5- Karname –ye- Ardeshir e Babakan (translation of a Middle Persian Text), Nashre Qatre, Tehran, 1998

6- Ruh 0l Asheqin," A history survey of Hafez time", Nashre Qatre, Tehran , 2009

7- Saye-Rowshan, " Collection of 21 articles", Nashre Qatre, Tehran, 2010

International Positions

1-Vice-President of the International Society for Folk Narrative Research (ISFNR) in Asia

2-Member of the International Advisory Board of "FOLKLORE" the Journal printed by Manchester Metropolitan University, U.K.

3- Member of the Folklore Fellows Advisory Committee

Award and Honors

1-Elected as: "Eminent Scholar in Iran" (Chehre –ye- mandegar), Tehran, 2001

2-Elected as: "Eminent Professor of the Ministry of Higher Education, Tehran, 2003

3-Elected as: "Honorary Member of ISFNR, in the 2009 General Assembly of the ISFNR Conference in Athens

Presentation topic: Interpreting the Epic Narratives by Transformational and Structural: Formulas to display the didactic messages for the Community