Chen, Ganglong

Chen Ganglong, comes from Mongolian, born in Jaruud Banner, Inner Mongolia in 1970. Professor and Ph.D Supervisor at the School of Foreign Languages, Peking University. He has been engaging in the research and teaching of Mongolian Studies and Oriental Folklore, foucsing on Mongolian heroic epics. He has published overs 20 monographs, such as Comparative Studies of Mongolian Folklore, Introduction to Eastern Folklore, Mongolian Folklore and Civilization on Top of Grass, and over 100 articles on domestic and international magazines. His published books concerning Mongolian Heroic Epics includes Study of Mangasiin Vlgeer (Demon Stories ), Mongolian Heroic Epics Shilin Galzuu Baatar: Comparative Study and Text Compilation, Study of Heroic Epics Sung by Paajee, Muu-Ohin.

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Presentation topic: The Three Major Heroic Epics of China and Nomadic Civilization