Gao, Hehong

 Gao, Hehong, a Han Chinese, born in Fujin, Heilongjing Province. She received her M.A. in literature in 2003 and obtained her Ph.D. in 2008 from The Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (GSCASS). As an associate research fellow, she is editor of Studies of Ethnic Literature, the journal of Institute of Ethnic Literature (IEL), Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS). Focusing on traditional bearers and practitioners of verbal art, she has conducted a long-term field study on Manchu Uleben (storytelling) and Hezhen people’s epic Imakan. She is the author of The Transmission of Manchu Traditional Storytelling (2011), editor of The Han Chinese People (2011), as well as co-translator of the Chinese edition from Alan Dundes's work Sacred Narrative: Readings in the Theory of Myth (2006).


Presentation topic: Literate as Storyteller: A Study of Traditional Bearers