卡兹米, 阿巴斯

Syed Muhammad Abbas Kazmi

Skardu. (Gilgit Baltistan) Pakistan

Education: Bachelor of Arts -Punjab.

Interests: Politics, Anthropology, History, Culture, & Folk-literature and general

development of Karakoram Area.

Domicile: 1. Domicile District Skardu (Gilgit Baltistan).

Work Experience:

1.Member Board of Governors, Pakistan National Council of Arts, Islamabad. 1995 to 98.

2.Consultant Community Mobilization- Mountain Area Conservation Programme IUCN

Pakistan 21st May 2003 to end July 2003.

3.Founder General Manager, Baltistan Culture Foundation, Skardo. 1998 to 2003.

4.General Secretary, Baltistan Rural Support Programme, Skardo ,April 2002- April 2004.

5.Managing Director, Adventure Karakoram (Rgtd) Skardo 1992 to 2005.

6.Manager, Baltistan Tourist Cottage, Skardo, 1992-94.

7.Superintendent, Wildlife & Forest Departments (N.Areas) 1979- 97

Social & NGO Positions holding:

1.President………………….,Anjuman-e-Ittihad-e-Millat Islami, Baltistan

2.Provincial Deputy Convener Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf Gilgit Baltistan.

Achievements –

1.Peace Agreement between major sects.

2.Lectures on Peace.

Arranged a series of lectures on Peace in Govt. Degree College & Boys High Schools Skardu.

3.Social work.

Got settled 5 criminal and 01 major civil cases in Skardu District as arbitrator and peace restored. .

Publications :

Published books.

1.Khitta-e Karakoram –Qudrati wasail kha khazana ( under print)

2.Aasar-o-Ajdad-e Imam Khumeni- Urdu, A history of ancestors of Imam Khumeni

Published in 2006 (in Pakistan), 2008 (in India), & 2009 (in Pakistan)..

3. Epic of King Kesar –English translation of Classical Tibetan Epic (not yet published)

4 .Hussain (A.S.)- har dor ka masiha …… recently completed.

5. Translation of 66 Love Songs of Sixth Dalai Lama fro Tibetan to Urdu (not yet published.)

6. Baltistan-the Lost Heritage-English ((Under compilation)

b-Hundreds of Articles/Research Papers published in various books

c-Stage Play

Stage play “Skiney” based on a Balti Folk song. This drama has been staged in Pakistan for

05 times by a renowned artist Mr Batin Farooqi.


1.Buddhist Monastery in Shigar dating back to 4/5th Century AD.

2 Dozens of Brahmi, Tibetan and Persian inscriptions in Baltistan & Gilgit.

3.The Image of Mitriya (Future Buddha) in Mehdiabad, Baltistan.

4.The (probable ) site of Palolashahi capital in Skardo.

5.A Persian script at the river bank near the conjunction of Indus and Hunza rivers.

Invitations from Universities & Institution:

34.2012 International Summit on Epic Studies: Toward Diversity, Creativity, and Sustainability

November 17-18, 2012 | Beijing, China.

33.National Institute of Social Sciences, Beijing China-1st International Symposium on King Kesar

Epic-2012. (not participated)

32.International Association for Ladakh Studies. 15th Int.Colloquium on Ladakh Studies Leh Ladakh

Agust 2011. (Visa not granted)

31.UNESCO/ACCU- Workshop on Intangible Cultural Heritage ,Japan and to receive an Award from

ACCU in Nov. 2009... (Participated)

30.International Association for Ladakh Studies. 14th Int.Colloquium on Ladakh Studies Leh Ladakh

July 2009. (Visa problem)

29.Karakoram University, Conference on Partnership/Network in Promotion of Research Gilgit 2008


28.International Association for Ladakh Studies. 13th Int.Colloquium on Ladakh Studies- Rome, Italy

Sept.2007. (Visa problem)

27..International Association for Ladakh Studies. Int.Colloquium on Ladakh Studies-2005.

26.The Institution for Propagation & Conservation of Imam Khunemi’s Heritage, Iran. International

Conference on Imam Khumeni’s Thoughts in the views of World Thinkers, June 2004, Tehran


25.IUCN- WCD-CPP Workshop on Upstream Reparian Rights in the Context of Water Infrastructure

Development- Skardo 2003…………………….(Participated)

24.University of Bern, Switzerland- 8th International Symposium on Himalayan Languages- Sept. 2002


23.Chinese Academy of Social Sciences- Fifth International Symposium on King Kesar Epic.2002.

(not participated)

22.University of Montreal, Canada- xxxvith Congress of Asian & African Studies-2000.

(not participated)

21.The Society of South Asian Civilization, Pakistan One Day Seminar on Cultural Heritage of Northern

Areas,2000. ……………………… (Participated)

20.Int.Association for Ladakh Studies- 9th Int.Colloquium on Ladakh-1999.(Visa problem)

19.South Asian Fraternity, Pakistan- 14th International Humanist & Ethical Union World Congress- 1999.

(not participated)

18.Indira Gandhi National Museum of Mankind, India-International Meet on Shared Ecology of seven

Himalayan Countries-1998. (Visa not granted)

17.Pakistan Academy of Letters, Islamabad=Prime Minister Literary Award Function-1998.


16.The Aga Khan Culture Service Pakistan-Workshop on Baltistan Heritage Programme,Skardo-1998.


15.Indiana University, USA-8th Seminar of the Int. Association for Tibetan Studies-1998.

(not participated)

14.Evotos Lorand University, Hungry- 35th Int. Congress of Asian & North .African Studies,1997.

(not participated)

13.Arhus University, Denmark-8th Int. Colloquium on Ladakh Studies-1997.(not participated)

12.Pak- German Research Project- Int.Symposium on Karakoram,Himalaya & Hindukush- Dynamics

of Change- Islamabad-1995.. (Participated)

11.University of Bonn,Germany- 7th Int.Colloquium on Ladakh Studies-1995.(not participated)

10.Veinna University, Austria- 7th Seminar of the Int. Association for Tibetan Studies-19 95.

(not participated)

9.IUCN,Pakistan-Workshop on Central Karakoram National Park and Wildlife Heritage- 1994


8.Kashmir Academy-AK. The Writers Kashmir Conference-1994. …… (Participated)

7.Pakistan Academy of Letters- International Conference of Writers & Intellectuals-1994.


6.Chinese Academy of Social Sciences- 3rd Int. Symposium on King Kesar Epic-1993.

(not participated)

5.University of Sienna, Italy- 2nd International Seminar on Tibetan Language-1992. (not participated)

4.Oslo University, Norway- 6th Conference of the Int. Association for Tibetan Studies-1992.

(not participated)

3.Bonn University, Germany-For some lectures on Culture of Baltistan-Oct.1990. (Participated)

2.Zurich University, Switzerland- International Seminar on Anthropology of Tibet Himalayas-1990.


1.National Institute of Social Sciences, Beijing China-1st International Symposium on King Kesar Epic-1988.


Documentation works:

1.Documentation on Wood Crafts of Baltistan..

2.Documentation on Music Heritage of Baltistan

3.Documentation on Buddha Rock, Skardu for BCDF, Skardu

4.Documentation on 10 traditional villages/clusters of Baltistan for AKCSP.

. 5.Documentation on Khanqah, Shigar for AKCSP.

6.Documentation on Khaplu Palace for AKCSP

7.Documentation on Shigar Fort for AKCSP.

Awards received.

1.Honorable Mention Award from UNESCO Japan 2009

2.Literary Award from Ministry of Social Sciences, China 1988.

3.Literary Award from Tibet Autonomous Region, China 1988.

4. AL-Qalam from Idara-e Marifat, Gilgit, 1993. Political background:


1.Reasonably good in English & Urdu. 2.Understand Persian, Punjabi & Shina.

3.Balti-(Most western Tibetan dialect ) the mother language

发言题目: 西方神话学在社会文化方面对巴基斯坦北部《格萨尔》史诗的推力