The International Society for Epic Studies (ISES) has been established by the participants of the "2012 International Summit on Epic Studies: Toward Diversity, Creativity and Sustainability", which took place in November17 to 18, 2012 in Beijing, P. R. of China. According to the genreal discussion at the closing ceremony, all the invited speakers and guest scholars are officially identified as ISES's founding members. Hereinafter, 73 founding members in total are listed by family names (in alphabetical). Membership of the ISES is open to all individuals, institutes and non-governmental organizations that are involved in activities related to epics and epic poetry, such as archiving, researching, revitalizing, performing, and transmitting the world's epic heritage. The online application for ISES membership will be facilitated through the Society's website. If any questions, please make contact with ISES Secretariat via email to