On Plot Structure Classification in Mongolian Heroic Epics
Author: Rinchindorji
Affiliation: Institute of Ethnic Literature, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
In my paper, I try to make classifications to the Mongolian heroic epics according to their plot structures, with a theory of Motif-Structure.
Epic Motif Set is composed of two kind of basic plots or themes:marriage(A) and war(B). The former has two types:capture one(A1) and test one(A2),while the latter has two types:clan revenge(B1) and property fight(B2).A1 and B1 are more original than others.A1 grow to marriage set and B1 grow to war set in epics.
Mongolian Epics could divied into different types based on contents,quantities and composing methods,such as marriage type and war type based on contents, or sole set type and multiple set type based on quantities,or series one(with different sets) and parallel one(with ten or more sets)based on composing methods.
I found three types of Mongolian epics: 
(1) sole set type: capture one, test one,hero fight with Mongus one,hero fight with One-eye Giant one.
(2) series type(with different sets):marriage and war one, two wars one,several wars one, family fight one,heroine one and warhorse one.
(3) parallel type(with ten or more sets) as Jungar and Geser