“Manas” is a treasure of world culture
Affiliation: Institute of Language and Literature named after Chingiz Aitmatov

Historically it is formed that the life of Kyrgyz people was far away from main ways of the world culture. But it had to create self culture life and word art. This kind of art existed for centuries mainly in oral form, in the improvisation.

Kyrgyz folklore in its centuries long way genre development, was formed as the union whole poetic system both poetic and structural becoming, gaining definite esthetic completion, which let it to take roots and became original strong kind of literature to the one whole system. On the thorn path of the development of Kyrgyz oral poetry played always some definite role, which let to the formation and establishment of the self life people art tradition.

It is known that traditionality is ummanent peculiarity of folklore at all. Kyrgyz folklore in this meaning experienced and took all known stages and its nature laws in the human cultural development.

The folklore of the Kyrgyz in its stage evolution experienced the stage of mythology also pagan believes and traditions at last it took Islamic motives into work of art.

By the resolution of the UNESCO the year 1995 was proclaimed as the year of “Manas”. It is not by chance. It is naturally lawful and real the interest to the epic “Manas” here and abroad. On the edge of the third millennium humanity brings conclusions of previous results which being spiritual property of one nationality, belong to the whole humanity as well.” Manas” belongs to this type of wholehuman spirit. National epic of the kyrgys is unique not only by the volume, prevailing all known masterpieces of the world oral people folklore but by it”s vitality, it lives in the people memory as long as Kyrgyz people exist. It is unique by its large scale to light up people life from ancient mythic stratification till artistic reflection of the real people life on different development stages of its history, the history of Kyrgyz people itself.

The epic “ Manas” is the greatest heritage of many Kyrgyz generation, our national pride. On tne long historical path of Kyrgyz, who are one of the ancient people, this work was as a peculiar treasure , which took into self all spiritual achievements and gainings, the most important results of people life experience. Every generation draw spiritual ideological values, used necessary principles of the national tradition at the same time filling it richness by their finding. As a result the epic “ Manas” during millenniums have been ideological support in the life of Kyrgyz, its banner in the struggle with inner and foreign enemies, a source of people wisdom. Cultural and social, ideological meaning of the national memory hasn’t lost its importance even today.

In the result of the people revolution victory kyrgys people got a possibility to form really independent, democratic, legal state, revealing its dignity, showing surrounding world sources of its spiritual wealth, keeping and multiplying philosophical, cultural humanity and whole human heritage of their ancestors. Pivotal meaning here belongs to the great epic “ Manas”. Medical, historical, ethic, artistic knowledge of Kyrgyz, concluded in the work, their international relations, based on the principles of piece and agreement everything has left deep traces in the soul. As researches mention not only political processes , but problems of social economic, cultural, state development of the Manas epoch found reflection.

At present transition stage the most important factors are, at first, the problem to provide piece; at second, political stability in the society; third; unity of all people. If there would not be three conditions, we are able neither to strengthen our national statehood nor provide better life for our people. Our great epic “ Manas” took intoself all these sacred objects, expressing people voice.