Epic Performance and Transmission among Ethnic Minority Groups Living in South China
Author: Liu, Yahu
Affiliation: Institute of Ethnic Literature, Chniese Academy of Social Sciences

I have four samples for this topic.Wa people sing Sigangli during spring rites of sowing to narrative the story that God Muiji put corn into water and snake catch corn with its tail then give it to people for sowing with one head to sacrifice.Zhuang people sing Mohetai during funeral rites to talk about heroic ancestor create the heaven and the earth.Then the God let the dead return to the beginning, while let the heaven influence people' generation.Jingbo people sing Munaozhaiwa during wedding to cherish their ancestor who make rules for marriage after flood such as same surname people can not marry with each other.Yao people sing Fuxi and his sister during dispute settlement to recall that Fuxi and his sister survived in flood then marry with each other to generate Yao people and tell that Yao are a family that should forgive and tolerate each other.