Interaction and Mnemonics in the Process of Kirgiz Epic Singers' Performance
Affiliation: Xinjiang Normal University
Translator: Song Ying    

In 2009 summer, I did a fieldwork with two well-known singers about 70 years old and a normal young singer.My students and I let them sing as they want until they are too tied to sing.I found three questions as follow:

I.the interaction between singer and audience:

  1. singer will be influenced by the identity of audience

  2. singer will be excited by active audience

  3. singer generally never show their opinions to stories that they singing but actually it's difficult for them to always keep calm.

  4. audience could not be involved in the whole performance but they could ask "who"or"why"to show they are listening. singer remember those words they forget

Two well-known singers could recall next lines or chapters by repeat last one or ask audience what he sang.some audience can save a performance.

III. the oral or the written