Research Report to Gesar Rap Morphological Case: Example from Yushu Gesar Artists’ concert
Author: Guo, Xiaohong
Affiliation: Qinghai Nationalities University

The Gesar rap music is splendors with its self-contained folk style, color and singing tunes. This essay regards Gesar rap artists’ concert of Yushu as the starting point to investigate and analysis in-depth it’s music structure, tone, style and tune. Its significance is to reveal Gesar rap musics’ heritage features, national character and aesthetic. The protection of Gesar epic has been included in the list of the UNESCO international human verbal and non-material cultural heritage currently. But when we pay attention to it from the point of view of heritage protection, It’s worthy of attention and reflection that the Gesar epic can be passed along the important point is because of the protection of the inheritors and the protection of the performance space. The both sides can achieve so harmonious with the nature that can not discriminate human being from in the surroundings. Therefore, the heritage of Gesar epic rap music must continue the sacred character of the music which is closely related to the physical and mental training of the musicians who has some kind of spiritual transcendence pursuit. It’s inheritors’ musical soul.

Human oral and intangible heritage are limited by its existing form which is getting weaker in the society. The basis of social existence is even facing an unprecedented crisis, and even in danger of disappearing. The man in the case study of this article is nearly seventy years of age. 100 of his Gesar sang is also active in the recording process. Only 3 months after Yushu Artists Identification of the General Assembly which I attended, two of 16 artists has passed away. They are very young and each of them can recite hundreds of Gesar rap. Their departure is indeed a serious impact on the traditional intangible cultural heritage. These examples are showed that It’s difficult to make Gesar rap to remain dynamic and sustainable development in modern society. So, the protection of Gesar artists is very necessary and urgent.