The traces of Chinese literary-historical sources in “Koroghlu” epos
Affiliation: Baku Girls University

“Koroghlu” epos is most widespread epos for its popularity after “Kitabi-Dada Gorgud” in Azerbaijanian folk literature; this epos about heroism has many different versions. “Koroghlu” was collected by Alexandor Xodzko, Polish who was working in Iran during 1830-1832 and published in English in London in 1842, after this it gained popularity in Western world. Afterwards, the epos was translated to different languages and republished many times. Thus, the history of publishing of “Koroghlu” epos is not very old. But, it is still the subject of research when the epos was created.

Different reserches have been conducted on the history of its creation, main hero, other personages and etc. both in Azerbaijan and the wide geographical area where the epos was disseminated. The main protagonist Koroghlu, his battlefield friends, the time and place of its creation and etc.have been the subject of different researches.

Some of the reserachers (M. Tahmasib, A. Nabiyev, X.Koroghlu and others) say that Koroghlu was the leader of rebellions which happened in Azerbaijanian villages in XVI-XVII centures and therefore the epos was created at that time. But, different thesises were put forward about Koroghlu character in recent years, after the independence of Azerbaijan. After analyzing the mythological part of epos which was censored during soviet times, J.Naghiyev, B.Haggi, O.Suleymenov and others claim that the epos has older history. Among them, B.Haggi puts forward that Koroghlu is the name of the “dying-reviving nature god” and analyzes the mythology of the epos.

It is known that, one can see myths, legends, tales of both all Turkish (Azerbaijan, Ottoman, Obak, Trkman, Kyrgiz, Kazakh and etc.) and other world nations (Greek, Arab, Indian, Chinese and etc).Therefore, for determining the date of creation of epos, it is necessary to analyze comparatively all the versions of the epos. Moreover, we have to learn the epos traditions of historical neighbors which whom Turkish nations were in touch.

One of the nations with which ancient Turkish people had close ties was China. Therefore, it is impossible to say any exact opinion about the date of creation of the epos and its protagonist without researching Chinese resources.

The report is dedicated to the reserach of traces of Chinese sources in “Koroghlu” epos.