Naming Narrative Units and Their Structures in Mongolian Epic Tradition
Author: Tsetsenbat
Affiliation: Institute of Ethnic Literature, CASS
Translator: Song, Ying    
Some short Mongolian epics have several hundreds lines or no more than 50 hundreds lines,others have 50 hundreds lines or 10 thousands lines at most,still another is a epic cycle composed of several or hundreds epics.To know methods and features of how Mongolian name one epic could benefit to familiar with how a singer remember,recall and perform one epic.In General, Mongolian people name one epic by the hero and the epic's chapters or sections will be named by figures and contents.Moreover, long sections will be named by a summary of contents and short chapters will be named by the order of events.Thus, one epic could be divided into several sections to make it easy for remember and performance. The name of one epic or long sections focus on figures and events that also core elements of one epic. And the name of short chapters express the structure of one epic.They all naturally manifest different levels of classification and remember the structure of one epic. So these name looks like topics or themes of one epic which highlight different sections or chapters so that they can control and lead singers to remember and perform one epic.